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Heritage Peak



South Sutter

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A-G Courses:

What about A-G courses, shouldn't my high school student be enrolled in them?

Enrollment in A-G high school courses is  NOT required for entrance into college.  In both UC and CSU colleges, a student may obtain admission by examination or exception.  Students may also take transferable classes from a California Community College to meet the A-G requirements of the UC or CSU admissions.  If your student plans on attending a college outside of UC and CSU systems, A-G is irrelevant.

If you would like to take one of our classes and have it count for A-G then you can include an approved textbook in your personal study and take a midterm and final exam offered by your charter school.



How much does a class cost?

Since our classes vary in price, please refer to our class listings to determine the cost of a class. The prices listed are for one semester.  We offer the same classes and most of the elective classes for the Spring semester; they will cost the same as the Fall semester. 


Our teachers have college degrees, technical training, and certification in the subject they are teaching, or have demonstrated an extreme talent and passion for the subject.  Our teachers are a diverse group of professionals dedicated to the education of our community.  We are: teachers who hold a multi-subject credential, single subject credential, both, or multiple single subject credentials, mathematician, fitness experts, librarian,  professional artists, and homeschooling parents all with unique professional experience and passion for the classes we teach.  

Our Philosophy

At Love of Learning Center, we see each child as a gift to this world; with unique talents and mission to fulfill.  We believe learning is a lifelong  pursuit. Therefore, during the fundamental schooling years, students should be surrounded by adults and peers who encourage creativity, inspire innovation and nurture them so they may discover a "love of learning" and realize their personal excellence.

Our History

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