Location: Folsom

Dates and Time: August 1st-4th 9:00 am-12:00 pm

Grade: 7th-12th

Mentor: Master Jon and Ms. Frizzle

Email: inspiredbyamg@gmail.com


Do you love to create?  Do you want to design and create your own clothing or fabric projects?  This is the perfect sewing camp for you!  Beginner to Intermediate sewers will have SEW much fun with Master Jon and Ms. Frizzle as we explore the wonderful world of sewing.


Students will create a sewing portfolio complete with stitches, seams, buttons, and zippers. 


How to cut and pin fabric

How to thread the machine and wind a bobbin

How to sew straight seams and how to finish them

Different sewing techniques and construction

Students will also choose and/or create projects to complete and take home.


Required Materials:

Sewing Machine*

Tape Measure

Fabric Scissors


Patterns (we will go over this in our first session for those who do not already have experience)

*if student would like to learn hand sewing, no need for machine, but lessons are planned for learning with a sewing machine


Students should bring:


Snack or Lunch

August 1-4 Camp: Sew Fun! 7th-12th