Location: Rocklin

Day & Time: Thursday 10:45-11:55

Grade: 1st-2nd

Mentor: Melynda Adragna  

Email:  adragnafam@gmail.com


Let’s give our bodies and brains a good “workout” in this fun and active class!


The link between movement activities, kinesthetic learning, and physical interaction with the environment, especially when children learn using “hands-on” materials and a variety of different body positions and movements, is a significant one! Certain activities “trigger” specific centers of the brain which in turn help enhance our motor and cognitive skills.  The results can be quicker completion time (efficiency), smoother execution, and clearer results (effectiveness). For little ones, this movement and kinesthetic learning impacts their overall abilities greatly!


Another benefit of movement activity and kinesthetic learning is a calmer, more organized, and more attentive body and brain. So, not only is the benefit mindfully enhancing, it is also emotionally/behaviorally beneficial.  In this class, we will learn/do all kinds of organized movement activities, along with some simple fun cognitive learning activities, which will enhance their overall success in play and learning (the “jobs” of children).


I will be pulling from my 20 plus years experience and knowledge gained as a pediatric Occupational Therapist.  I have learned and seen first hand the progression, benefits, and broken down the unique qualities of movement and kinesthetic learning in young children (it is good for any age population but especially for young children and their growing/quickly changing brain). I am looking forward to a FUN time with your kids as they move and learn. I will send home examples of activities and basic explanations so that parents/guardians can follow, and if so desired their whole family can participate in the activities.

Brain and Body Workout


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