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Location: Folsom

Dates & Time: July 29th-August  2nd 10:00 am-12:30 pm

Grade: 1st-6th

Mentor: Ms. Heather 



Welcome to Cartooning and Crafts Camp, where creativity knows no bounds! Campers will have the exciting choice to either delve into the colorful world of cartooning or explore the hands-on artistry of crafting.


For those who choose cartooning, they'll embark on an adventure of stop-motion animation and storyboarding. Campers will bring characters and scenes to life frame by frame, while exploring the intricacies of storyboarding to plan out every detail of their animated creations.


Meanwhile, campers opting for crafting will get hands-on with various materials and techniques, from Jewelry making to painting on canvas, crafting unique and imaginative projects.


Whether campers are animating their own stories or crafting 3D masterpieces, they'll develop important life skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and self-expression.


Join us at Cartooning and Crafts Camp for an unforgettable summer of artistic exploration and endless possibilities!

Camp: Cartooning & Crafts 1st-6th

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