Location: Rocklin

Day & Time: Tuesday 12:30-1:40

Grade: 7th-12th

Mentor: Angie Gardner aka Frizzle

Email: inspiredbyamg@gmail.com


This class familiarizes students with computers and their applications.  It will emphasize the use of computers and technology throughout their school, college, and future careers.  Students will learn fundamental concepts of computers: how computers work, what makes a computer a computer, binary & ata, circuits & logic, hardware and software and become familiar with a variety of computer applications, including word processing, multimedia presentations, photo editing, scratch coding, plus keyboarding skills.


We will learn how computers work, what makes a computer a computer, binary & Data, Circuits & Logic


Students in this class improve their typing skills 15 words per minute on average!


Students required to bring a laptop to each class.

Students will need a gmail & Khan Academy account


We will also produce Love Of Learning’s 1st official yearbook!


Students will learn basic principles of yearbook production, develop skills which include: writing copy, actions and headlines, digital photography, desktop publishing and using appropriate technology tools for media production.


I utilize Google Classroom for all assignments, communications, online discussions, and updates.  This makes it easy to refer to for homeschool teacher meetings, assignment details, due dates, and grades.


Banjo Frizzle Chicken by Samantha Nelson Computer Skills Student

Computer Skills & Yearbook


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