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Location: Folsom

Day & Time: Tuesday 11:55-1:05

Grade: 3rd-4th

Mentor: Jessica Anglesey



It’s time for your students to jump into the creative seat and begin shaping their

own ideas and imaginations through the written word.


In this course, students will be introduced to various writing styles and creative expressions. Each week, we will have engaging lessons, story prompts and learn how to organize their ideas meaningfully. They will have time each week during class to work on their writing and occasionally bring them home to finish if they didn’t finish in class. They will work on many genres of writing skills and be introduced to writing in styles that include speeches, descriptive essays, poetry, reflection, persuasive essays, short stories, fictional stories, group writing activities, comics, etc.


This is a wonderful class for students to overcome their fears in writing and become confident, creative writers and have tons of fun while doing it. They will also experience public speaking as they will occasionally read their stories out loud to the class. The students will love all the different writing styles and will be able to express their imaginations and learn correct grammar, punctuation, and writing structure as well.


All classes are full-year classes. Students enrolled in a Fall Semester class will automatically enroll for the Spring Semester in December to ensure their place in the class. Pricing is per semester.

Creative Writing 3rd-4th.

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