Location: Rocklin 

Day & Time: Tuesday 1:45-2:55

Grade: 9th-12th

Mentor: Jon Alston

Email: jalston11@hotmail.com


From the creation of the solar system to climate, weather patterns, and that little pebble stuck in your shoe, the study of our planet is one of the most important branches of science today. Incorporating chemistry, biology, astronomy, oceanology, geology, and physics, this class will cover all there is to know about what makes planet Earth unique.


We recommend taking the Physics lab along with this class. Once a month we’ll perform the bigger experiments that we can’t complete in class, as well as hold competitions between the students, such as mousetrap car races, rockets, Rube Goldberg devices, and other wild science activities. You won’t want to miss the excitement of seeing science come to life!


All classes are full year classes. Students enrolled in a Fall Semester class will automatically enroll for Spring Semester in December to ensure their place in the class. Pricing is per semester.

Earth Science 9th-12th


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