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Location: Folsom

Day & Time: Tuesdays 1:10-2:20

Grade: 5th-6th

Mentor: Heather Nelson



Have you ever wondered how, when, or even why your favorite sport came into play? We’ll travel through time and learn about what was happening throughout the world when various sports, including what is currently in the Olympics, came into existence.


We will use our composition books to make a personal timeline to show world events, wars, and entertainment throughout the ages that created the sports we know today. Because of my passion for exercise physiology, health, and fitness, not a class will go by that we don't get out of our seats and learn a bit about the kinesiology (study of movement) and physical benefits each sport can have on our health as well.


Supplies: Composition book (preferably write & draw) of at least 40 pages, approximately 9 3/4 by 71/2 inches.



Henoyso Composition Notebook

Oxford Primary Notebook

History Through Sports 5th-6th.

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