Location: Rocklin

Day & Time: Tuesday 10:45-11:55

Grade: 7th-9th

Mentor: Jon Alston

Email: jalston11@hotmail.com


We have been telling stories since we could speak. We invented writing so we could memorialize those stories for future generations to read. In this class, we will study literature from its foundations, focusing on why we tell stories, and how stories changed over the centuries. We will cover all types of writing, from poetry to plays to essays to short stories and books; both ancient and modern from around the world.


· The Giver (Lois Lowry; ISBN 978-0544336261)

· Matilda (Roald Dhal; ISBN 978-0142410370)

· Howl’s Moving Castle (Diana Wynne Jones; ISBN)

· The Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum; ISBN 978-1518698965)

· A Wrinkle in Time (Madeleine L'Engle; ISBN 978-0312367541)

· The Neverending Story (Michael Ende; ISBN 978-0140386332)

Literature Through the Ages 7th-9th


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