Location: Rocklin

May 24th-27th 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Grade: 1st-6th

Mentor: Sarah Bailey & Chloe Davila

Email: sabailey1@gmail.com & cabwriting@yahoo.com


Do you love all things fantasy? This camp is for everyone who enjoys reading, creative writing, and might be interested in creating your own fantasy world with maps, characters, stories, and art!  


Using concepts of geography, character design, and story themes, we will be creating our own Fantasy Worlds. This will include drawing, character building and development, clay creations, costume design, making maps, and writing stories about your very own world. 


Day 1. Map day! We will make a map of your fantasy world; students will learn how to design a world, make a 3-D map, and an antique map. We will write about how people live in our world and a problem that the people are faced with. 

Day 2. Character development day! We will design our two main characters, a hero and a villain.  We will write about how they became who they are in our story. Then students will build them out of clay and design their wardrobe. 

Day 3. Painting and writing day! Today we will paint our 3-D maps and our clay characters. Then we will write about what happens to our characters when they are forced into a situation where they must meet face to face. 

Day 4. Presentation day! We will bring our stories to an end with a resolution between our hero and villain. We will present our stories and all our hard work to our families (last hour of camp). 

May - Fantasy Adventures Camp


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