Location: Rocklin 

Day & Time: Tuesday 12:30-1:40

Grade: 7th-9th

Mentor: Angie Gardner

Email: inspiredbyamg@gmail.com


Mathematics is an essential part of our world and a fascinating realm of thought.  However, long before the development of the math we know, that gave us computers, quantum mechanics, and GPS satellites, generations of brilliant minds — spanning from the ancient Greeks through the eighteenth century — built up the basic mathematical ideas and tools that sit at the foundation of our understanding of math and its relationship to the world.


In this delightfully fun class, we will learn about those brilliant minds, practice their foundational philosophies, and keep a lap book and have a lot of fun learning, exploring, and completing in class projects.  Join me as we explore the ideas, discoveries, and lives of Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes, Kepler, Pascal, and many more!



I utilize Google Classroom for all assignments, communications, online discussions, and updates.  This makes it easy to refer to for homeschool teacher meetings, assignment details and due dates, and grades.


“ What is memorized is easily forgotten, what is understood is never forgotten.”  ~Dr. Adler

All classes are full year classes. Students enrolled in a Fall Semester class will automatically enroll for Spring Semester in December to ensure their place in the class. Pricing is per semester.

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