Location: Rocklin

Day & Time:Thursday 9:30-10:40

Grade: 10th-12th

Mentor: Lucas Dancy

Email: Lcrayburn111208@gmail.com


The first semester will cover Political Science:

This will be a class to explore some of the political systems that have existed through history as well as  

political philosophy. We will discuss concepts within those systems as well as explore some political  

theory. We will discuss some of the most important political theorists of the last few centuries.


These topics will include:

- Feudalism

- Theocracies

- Democracy vs Republic

- Locke

- Hobbes

- Marx


Throughout both semesters the goal will be to give students a basic, fundamental understanding of  

these topics while allowing them to explore their own ideas about our political and economic world. My

hope is that at a minimum students will come away with a vocabulary to talk about these issues as they  

mature into adulthood.


Second semester will cover Micro Econ:

This personal finance class will cover many areas of financial literacy which will be crucial for the students to know as they progress through their life.  The class will attempt to give them a vocabulary from which they can understand the common concepts which are so often misunderstood in adulthood. Some of the topics will include:



Retirement Income

-          IRAs – Traditional and Roth

-          401ks

-          Pensions

-          Annuities


-          Cash

-          Stocks

-          Bonds

-          Mutual Funds

-          Dollar Cost Averaging

-          Periodic Portfolio Rebalancing

Life Insurance

-          Types

o   Term

o   Permanent

-          Cash Buildup

-          Underwriting


-          Credit Cards

-          Mortgages

-          Auto Financing

College Funding

-          Grants

-          Loans

-          Scholarships

-          Savings

o   529s

o   Coverdell or Educational IRAs

o   UTMAs

Political Science / Micro Economics


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