Location: Folsom
Day & Time: Thursday 1:10-3:00
Grade: 7th-12th
Mentors: Master Jon & Ms. Frizzle
Email: inspiredbyamg@gmail.com


Meet... er... create memorable characters.  Explore far away lands.  Work together to weave a legendary tale, and transform the boundaries of our imaginations.
Perhaps you will create "A world praying for a hero..." or "A world where the sun burns cold, and the wind blows colder"... or "A world where dreamers and believers are miraculously transformed..." or "In a world where owning a radio was strictly forbidden..." or "In a world within our world, is a world unlike any other world..." or "In a world where great risks can bring extraordinary rewards..." or "In a world fraught with corruption, four young boys united by fate, torn apart by destiny, somewhere between love and honor, between courage and not courage, between Kansas and Utah..." or "In a world where laughter was king...” or "In a land of eternal beauty and infinite mystery, a legend was born...”
We use the guidelines of established Roll Playing games, but completely develop, create, experience our own adventure.


This class is EPIC.

Roll Playing Adventures.


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