Location: Rocklin 

Day & Time: Tuesday 12:30-1:40

Grade: 1st-2nd

Mentor: Angie Gardner, aka Frizzle

Email: inspiredbyamg@gmail.com


Are you ready to journey through the world of science with the Magic School Bus and Ms. Frizzle?


This class will take students on incredible science-inspired trips through time, space and even volcanos!  Each class will be packed full of exciting adventure, activities, and stories. 


This is an inquiry based class, where inquiry is the means to discovery. Students will unleash their curiosity, develop questions, and investigate their ideas.  By practicing the steps in the Scientific method process, they will be well prepared to investigate the scientific world around them and understand science is everywhere and influences many aspects of our daily lives.  Scientific literacy allows students to understand the complex world we live in while allowing them to think critically and develop important critical thinking skills which helps to become better learners in other subjects.


All students are expected to come to class prepared with all Home Happy (what I call “homework”) completed and writing utensils as us scientists write A LOT. 


I utilize Google Classroom for all assignments, communications, online discussions, and updates so students/parents will need a personal gmail account.  


“ What is memorized is easily forgotten, what is understood is never forgotten.”  ~Dr. Adler


All classes are full-year classes. Students enrolled in a Fall Semester class will automatically enroll for Spring Semester in December to ensure their place in the class. Pricing is per semester.

Science: Magic School Bus 1st-2nd