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Location: Folsom 

Day & Time: Thursday 11:55-1:05

Grade: 9th-12th

Mentor: Angie Gardner aka Frizzle



 Welcome to Shakespeare Conquest! 


This class is a comprehensive study of Shakespeare, with a focus on human nature, leadership qualities, statesmanship, beauty of language, scholar skills, and Elizabethan history and culture.


Throughout the class, students will have the opportunity to develop their scholarly skills, including reading, writing, speaking, and persuading. They will also expand their vocabulary and wit, and gain a deep appreciation for the beauty of Shakespeare's language.


In the first semester, students will study one play in depth, reading a scene or two each week and engaging in mentored discussions to apply the content to their lives. Through this process, students will come to understand the relevance of Shakespeare's plays to modern life, and will gain insight into human nature, relationships, and the complexities of leadership and statesmanship.


In the second semester, students will have the opportunity to perform a play, allowing them to fully understand the meanings and nuances of Shakespeare's language and characters. Through this process, they will gain a deep appreciation for the art of theater and performance, and will develop important skills in communication, collaboration, and creative expression.


Students are expected to participate in two different presentations throughout the year (one per semester). These presentations will provide an opportunity for each student to showcase their knowledge and understanding of Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Era.


Throughout our class, students will be challenged to think critically, analyze complex texts, and develop their own unique perspectives on Shakespeare's works. They will also gain a deep understanding of Elizabethan history and culture, and will be inspired to continue their exploration of Shakespeare and his timeless themes long after the course has ended.


To deepen their understanding of Shakespeare's language and culture, students will participate in a race to read, watch, or listen to 17 Shakespeare plays, culminating in an end of the year Shakespeare Faire where they will be ceremoniously crowned as Kings or Queens.


Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and exploration as we delve into the fascinating world of Shakespeare and his enduring legacy!


“What is memorized is easily forgotten, what is understood is never forgotten.”  ~Dr. Adler

All classes are full-year classes. Students enrolled in a Fall Semester class will automatically enroll for Spring Semester in December to ensure their place in the class. Pricing is per semester.

Shakespeare Conquest 9th-12th.

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