Location: Folsom

Day & Time: Wednesday 10:15-11:25

Grade: 4th-8th

Mentor: Missie Shimizu

Email: historyhappenings@survivinghomeschool.net


This class will fly your student through the Star Wars storyline and relate most of the characters and story to real people and world events.  A few topics to be covered are: Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years War, the Knights Templar, Nazi Germany, Ancient Rome, the Manhattan Project, the American Revolution and the role of women in war.  Students who choose to watch the movies I-VIII may see the history in tandem to the story while taking this class. Topic appropriate videos may be shown either in class or posted to my website. Three to four homework assignments will be given each semester.  We will make two lapbooks (one per semester) throughout the year.

This is a yearlong class.

Star Wars World History.


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