Location: Rocklin 

Day & Time: Tuesday 1:45-2:55

Grade: 3rd-4th

Mentor: Jen Fletcher

Email: jenfletcher.lol@gmail.com


Each week students will enter the world of a well-loved children’s novel or poem. Then, after class discussion, students will practice writing either narrative or descriptive summaries. Students will be exposed to a variety of authors with diverse styles. Summarizing these passages requires that the student learn the important step of putting written information into their own words before they put pencil to paper, something that comes naturally for some but not for most. In addition to writing summary paragraphs, students will use sentence imitation, combining, matching, and expanding to improve syntax and grammar skills. 


Required booktext: Sentence Composing for Elementary School by Don and Jenny Killgallon (consumable workbook)

https://www.amazon.com/Sentence-Composing-Elementary-School-Se ntences/dp/0325002231/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3C67Z27R55EA5&keywords =sentence+composing+for+elementary+school&qid=1582162012&sprefi x=sentence+comp%2Caps%2C223&sr=8-3


All classes are full year classes. Students enrolled in a Fall Semester class will automatically enroll for Spring Semester in December to ensure their place in the class. Pricing is per semester.

Writing 3rd-4th


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