Location: Rocklin

Day & Time: Thursday 12:30-1:40

Grade: 5th-6th

Mentor: Sarah Bailey

Email: sabailey1@gmail.com


Students will learn the beginning forms of expository writing — narration and description — while being exposed to a variety of literary styles. They will be practicing those steps that we often don’t think about but are essential for young people to master — learning to form ideas into words, holding words in their heads long enough to write them out, and getting those words down on paper in a logical order.


Integral to this course is the development of critical and analytical thinking skills. In order to develop these fundamental skills, students have to have something to think about – and here we have rich sources from a variety of literary sources — passages by famous authors, such as C.S. Lewis, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Lewis Carroll, Herodotus, and many others! They will learn to work with a text, to summarize passages from fiction, biography, history, etc.



Required material: Writing With Ease, Level 3 Workbook by Susan Wise Bauer (you can buy this used on Ebay)

Writing with Ease


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