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Our mission is to provide homeschooling families a central location where they can engage in classical education classes while alleviating the stress of driving all over town for these enriching experiences.


Our goal is to help each student realize their genius, promote a passion for learning, and develop new skills.  Our devoted teachers have discovered their own love of learning and use their expertise to inspire these characteristics in the children they teach and nurture.


Love of Learning classes support and enrich what is taught at home.  We encourage communication and collaboration with our families and teachers.  We will not teach to state or federal tests, but we will do what homeschooling families have always done—give children a true education and a deep love of learning!

Our Philosophy

At Love of Learning, we see each child as a gift to this world; with unique talents and missions to fulfill.  We believe learning is a lifelong  pursuit. Therefore, during the fundamental schooling years, students should be surrounded by adults, mentors, and peers who encourage creativity, inspire innovation and nurture them so they may discover a "love of learning" and realize their personal excellence.

Our History

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