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Love of Learning: Origin Story



Once upon a time, there was a mother of three–two girls and a boy–whose name was Sarah. She wanted more than anything to help her two older daughters find success in the chaotic world of their homeschooling adventures. This drive led Sarah to becoming the coordinator-by-default of an all-girls co-op. Word spread through the realms quickly about Sarah’s endeavor, and what began as a small gathering for young girls, became a large co-ed group of more than 30 children. And as the co-op grew, parent involvement shrank, most finding themselves unable to participate. In order for Sarah to continue helping her girls, and keeping the co-op alive, she needed teachers. This need for help set Sarah on a path to create something new for the homeschooling world.


But what of Sarah’s third, youngest child? Her baby boy, who attended a local charter school, began to experience extreme anxiety. So much so that it began to affect his ability to attend classes; now Sarah had a third child whose education she wanted and needed to assist. Much like her daughters, she wanted the best for her struggling boy, and this maternal instinct helped her realize that she needed to change the co-op into something more. Something bigger.

     In another town, lived a magical woman, Angie of the Garden (though many knew her by the name of Ms. Frizzle). For years, she studied how to be the best teacher and librarian she could be. Taking classes, getting degrees, working with students and faculty, doing her best to make the educational experiences for the students the best it could be. Unfortunately, she found herself working for a wicked queen who cared little for the needs of the children. Dismayed at the circumstances she found herself, she spoke up against the queen. She did not like this, and banished Ms. Frizzle from the kingdom. This is where Sarah and Ms. Frizzle met: Ms. Frizzle was the librarian of the very charter that Sarah’s son Liam had attended.

     Sarah was mesmerized by Ms. Frizzle’s work ethic, her ability to come up with practical solutions, and her ability to nurture and love the children, even under the rule of the wicked queen. Sarah saw in Ms. Frizzle someone who complimented her perfectly, someone she could work well with, and who would make the perfect partner to build a new business.

     With Sarah building relationships with families from her co-op days, and Ms. Frizzle constructing the framework for a successful resource center, Love of Learning became a central location to provide enriching experiences to supplement homeschool education.


     It became a place where teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach, and where students develop a passion for learning. Love of Learning became a place where homeschooling families can thrive.

Our Philosophy

At Love of Learning, we see each child as a gift to this world; with unique talents and missions to fulfill. 


We believe learning is a lifelong  pursuit. Therefore, during the fundamental schooling years, students should be surrounded by adults, mentors, and peers who encourage creativity, inspire innovation and nurture them so they may discover a "love of learning" and realize their personal excellence.

About Us

Our mission is to provide homeschooling families a central location where they can engage in classical education classes while alleviating the stress of driving all over town for these enriching experiences.


Our goal is to help each student realize their genius, promote a passion for learning, and develop new skills.  Our devoted teachers have discovered their own love of learning and use their expertise to inspire these characteristics in the children they teach and nurture.


Love of Learning classes support and enrich what is taught at home.  We encourage communication and collaboration with our families and teachers.  We will not teach to state or federal tests, but we will do what homeschooling families have always done—give children a true education and a deep love of learning!

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