Location: Folsom

Day & Time: Wednesday 9:00:10:10

Grade: 3rd-12th

Mentor: Mike Hogan

Email: hoganschool@yahoo.com


We will be learning techniques that are needed for playing the acoustic

guitar such as: rhythm, strumming, playing chords and playing guitar tabs.

Materials needed for this class are a guitar (acoustic, electric, bass, or

baritone ukulele), a tuner, guitar picks and a binder. I will supply handouts

every week so no books are required. ***In my experience, if you buy a

cheap guitar online or one at Target or Walmart, they will usually not be

playable or will be difficult to play.


Please go to a music store to purchase

a new guitar or many charter schools have some to be checked out or you

can use your funds to get one.


If you have questions, please text me -

Mike Hogan 916-521-6488



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